September 25, 2003

September 25, 2003 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
September 25, 2003 - Volume 36 Number 02
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Hamish Macmillan with a vinyl record by 808 State
Owen Egan
Follow me, boys and girls, to our next exhibit. This object is called a "vinyl record." Way back in time — before even the eight-track, if you can imagine something so old — people used to listen to music on such devices. Here, Hamish Macmillan (aka DJ Bliss) holds a classic by late eighties industrial band 808 State. Macmillan netted this catch at the Post-Graduate Students' Society Vintage Vinyl Spin and Sell on September 19. Proceeds from the event went to Hope and Cope, a support group for women with breast cancer. CDs and something called "audiotapes" were also sold.

MUNACA negotiations

The University and the support staff union are in contract negotiations. Among other issues at stake are how many hours staff will be expected to work.

If I were Prime Minister...

Four McGill students are finalists in the annual Magna Inc. "If I were Prime Minister" essay contest. The Reporter talked to each about their ideas that could change the nation.

Trigger: Understanding early civilizations

Anthropologist Bruce Trigger has a new book on what makes civilizations different, and what binds them together.

Minding the monarchs

Lincoln Brower has been studying the monarch butterfly almost all of his adult life. He recently spoke at McGill about the beautiful bug, and about the many threats to its survival.

Biosafety protocol discussed at McGill

McGill hosted an expert panel to mark the entry into force of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety. The importance and problems of the new international agreement which regulates the movement of living modified organisms.

Summer school

So what did you do with your summer holidays? Five McGill students spent them working in camps and hospital wards from Mexico to Uganda.

Molson Stadium without Mother Nature

McGill has a brand new playing surface in the Molson Stadium -- and it never needs to be mowed. Welcome to the green joys of FieldTurf.


In focus

Sylvia Franke faced a mountain of applications in her first September as McGill's registrar -- kind of like the time she tackled a mountain in Europe on a bicycle. Her work is a blend of overseeing a staff of ninety, managing the application process, and reassuring students who are trying to get into McGill.

McGill grad Bob Kull spent a year as a modern Robinson Crusoe in pursuit of his PhD at UBC. 18 wheels and several tons of computing power stopped by McGill on September 18 -- one stop on SGI Mobile Innovation Centre roadshow.

Policy Matters

Senate report, Research awards

On campus

McGill is lending a hand around the house in CBC's Montreal Matters special on the home. Tilting is a town in Newfoundland that you can visit through Robert Mellin's exhibit in the architecture department. Larry Hamilton is the mountain man, and he's bringing his stories and slides for your viewing and listening pleasure. In a strange twist of fate there are three books of importance to Quebec being launched on September 30 -- read 'n run!

Off campus

Mea culpa: Karl Moore and Laurette Dubé explain how marketers super-sized you and your children, and reveals the conspiracy of the stretch-pants. The McCord museum wants to take you out for hop-Scots, while the Montreal Bread Company can sell you a Euro-style lunch. And if you want to buy a bike or sell your home, there are plenty of local websites for your independent consumer needs.

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