Volume 28: 1995-1996

Volume 28: 1995-1996 McGill University

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Volume 28: 1995-1996

July 10, 1996

Birdnapping in a good cause | McGill Olympians head to Atlanta | Postcards from the past | New seminar program for first-year students | Programmed to die: How cell death can save lives | A credit to their town | Senate Highlights: Debate on the Estates General:

May 23, 1996

Lifespan genes discovered | Report sparks Senate debate | Early results of the workforce reduction plan | Exploring the source of prejudice in children | McGill falling behind in teaching technologies | James Bay governing scheme leaves natives uneasy | Wide-ranging scholar earns prestigious Acas prize | Downsizing not downgrading | A tribute to teachers | Senate highlights

May 2, 1996

A giant step in gene sequencing | In Memoriam: Dr. T.H. Clark | New administrative appointments | Arguing their way to an international prize | Recognizing the value of immigration | The hazards and rewards of a life in research | Trouble in 2000: Hunting the millenium bug | Student facing criminal charges | Phonathon sets record | Can the CBC be saved?

April 18, 1996

Report calls for changes | Panic over privatization | Professor bequeaths estate to funding council | Musseling in: Small but successful invader | Illuminating dangerous pollutants | Conference on gender teaches new skills | Strong McGill "essential" | Senate highlights

April 4, 1996

Shapiro questioned at student forum | Budget cuts worse than expected | A new approach to learning | Getting a taste of the real world | Heaphy gives update on retirement package | Panel tackles racism in universities | From the desk of the Principal | Senate highlights

March 21, 1996

Universities will thrive in 21st century | One-day strike by TAs | McGill pair win Killams | New degree tailored to manufacturing sector | Cooperation adds up to good results in math | Man of the people | Students vote to censure Pepsi | Big Bang at heart of physics megaproject | Governments still ignoring global warming

March 7, 1996

Panelists probe future | Retirement plan unveiled | Net gain for students | Family revelation leads to life's work | Low-risk training in high-risk medicine | Taking the terror out of teaching | Stressing knowledge in the information age | Spinning our Web in cyberspace

February 22, 1996

Report examines options for McGill | TA vote results | PhD student's invention rockets to success | Psychoanalyzing the presidents | Turning computers into multitasking wonders | Winning word warriors | Are we losing our national sport? | In search of orchestral efficiency

February 8, 1996

Changes at McCord worry scholars | TAs call strike vote | Breaking the bond of life's most important molecule | The perils of plunging into cyberspace | What makes prize-winning professors | Starting the 175th celebrations | Future turns on tolerance, economic solutions | Using math to solve cardiac mysteries | Canadian infrastructure at crisis point | Building named after graduate | Senate highlights January 31

January 25, 1996

Principal addresses Arts faculty | Come to the Carnival | McGill research rated well | Is hospital care changing for the better? | A little modern alchemy | Four McGill professors named to the Order of Canada | Senate highlights January 17

January 11, 1996

Talks end in success | Two for the Rhodes | More changes at Facilities Management | In memoriam: Jean Éthier-Blais, 1925-1995 | Massive snow palace nears completion | Senate highlights December 6

December 7, 1995

Big Boost for high tech teaching | Prix du Québec for McGill pair | Different takes on being Canadian | New department confident about its future | Germany's influence on European union | Preparing for the next referendum | Scholars must fight to avert "brain-dead society" | Senate highlights November 22, 1995

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