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What is the McGill Reporter?

The McGill Reporter is the staff/faculty newspaper for McGill University. It is published twice a month during the academic year by the University Relations Office. The content of the paper is the responsibility of the Reporter editor, who is guided by the director of the University Relations Office. The paper covers news, issues, personalities, research, policies and other items that are of general interest to its readers — the faculty, staff and students of McGill University, primarily; but also to alumni donors, journalists and members of the public. The editor and director may also solicit the advice of an editorial board composed of members drawn from the community.

Events listings

The McGill Reporter regularly publishes a listing of lectures, seminars, concerts and other events which take place at McGill. Events listings are selected from items posted to the University's online "Community Calendar" before noon, one week before publication. Events posted to the web after that date and time may not be listed in the Reporter. Due to space constraints, not all events can be published in the paper. (Note: Event submissions to the online calendar can be posted directly by authorized academic and administrative units and student groups.) For more information please contact the newspaper's editorial assistant, Catherine Paquette.


We accept advertising from both internal and external sources. The McGill Reporter may occasionally refuse an ad due to a lack of space, or if the ad is deemed inappropriate. Details of our rates are available here.

Letters to the editor

We're always delighted to receive letters which relate to stories that have appeared in the newspaper or to issues that are relevant to the University community, but cannot guarantee publication. The maximum word length for a letter to the editor is 500 words. We reserve the right to exercise our judgement in editing or printing the letter.

Opinion pieces

From time to time, the McGill Reporter will publish opinion pieces from faculty, staff and students on issues of general interest to the University community. Proposals should be discussed with the editor prior to submission. Opinion pieces should be roughly 1,000 words in length.

In memoriam

In the event of a death of a member of the McGill community, a friend or colleague may wish to prepare a eulogy for publication. We would ask that such pieces not exceed 500 words. The editor should be consulted prior to submission. Where possible, a professional-quality photograph should accompany the article.

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