September 8, 2005

September 8, 2005 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
September 8, 2005 - Volume 38 Number 02
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Jesus Puente (U0), Kyle Howe (U1) and Fernando Sevilla (U3) take part in a frosh activity.

Owen Egan

It's a running start for the new school year as Jesus Puente (U0), Kyle Howe (U1) and Fernando Sevilla (U3) take part in a frosh activity that featured Velcro, bungee cords and bounce. The game was one of several set up by the Students' Society of McGill University, August 29 and 30, to welcome students back to university.

Filmmaker turns Midas touch on McGill

Generous endowment to university from alumnus Jake Eberts will attract and support indigenous students. The First Peoples' House is a major beneficiary.

Baiting HIV

Hematologist Jean-Pierre Routy to lead trial study that lures HIV out of cells, then zaps it with epilepsy drug valproic acid with astonishing results.

Closing the cultural divide

Anthropologist Ronald Niezen is a foremost expert in North American aboriginal affairs, and a delegate for the Grand Council of the Crees at Geneva.

A personal reflection on the Oka Crisis

First Peoples' House secretary remembers the pivotal events of 15 years ago, commemorated on campus this summer.

McGill in the Community

Student volunteers clean up their own backyard, meet with community members.

Personalized prescriptions

Pharmacogenomics Centre sizes up your genes and tailors your drugs.

Sex, genes and social factors

Oh, the pain of being a boy... or a girl! Pain specialist Jeffrey Mogil examines how the sexes are wired differently when it comes to feeling the hurt.

The remains of war

Alas poor Yorick, how much I can learn from your skull... Richard Fraser digs up Army Medical Museum bone collection, formerly used for teaching purposes, for Osler Library exhibit.

Computer science summer camp

High school students join McGill for a week to learn the inside scoop on computer programming.

In brief

Beaverbrook professor to discuss media and morality; Ignatieff to give Beatty Lecture at Homecoming

McGill Matters

In focus

Human Resources officer Johanne Bellefleur becomes belle of the film ball; Director of Athletics Bob Dubeau hangs up the gloves after nearly three decades

Entre Nous with Martin Grant, Dean of the Faculty of Science

Blues guitarist riffs on research opportunities for undergrads and reaching out to the public

Around campus

You oughta be in pictures — MQUP holds Mois de la Photo contest; Celebrating the Johnston years — Peter McNally gives talk on popular principal; Touching doc kicks off Oncology film series — film about late piano teacher Mr. Mergler pulls heartstrings; Full of hot air — international recorder festival toots into McGill

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