May 4, 2006

May 4, 2006 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
May 4, 2006 - Volume 38 Number 16
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The recent spate of balmy weather saw students vying for prime real estate on the McGill Beach from which to soak up a little Heaven-sent Vitamin D. When, in typical Montreal fashion, temperatures hit sub-zero the next day, the Beach was deserted.
Owen Egan

Acfas at last

McGill gears up to host some 6,000 delegates of the Association pour le savoir (Acfas) conference — the largest francophone conference in North America, and possibly the world. So how do you keep 6,000 people entertained for five days? Read on.

McGill blazes epigenetic trail

Can we free ourselves — and future generations — from the predisposed genetic monsters lurking in our DNA? Moshe Szyf and Michael Meaney believe that through our actions we can alter the fabric of our genes.

Seven new Canada Research Chairs
Coming from as far away as Germany and New Mexico, the latest CRCs top our number up to 122.

McGill Headliners: Don't panic, top 40s and soldiering on

Michael Spevack strikes fear into our hearts; Karim Nader et al hit the Top 40 list; Desmond Morton takes on the PM.

Molson for Mintzberg

Oft-decorated management guru Henry Mintzberg cops the $50,000 Canada Council Molson Prize in Social Sciences and Humanities. He'd better add a wing to his home to store all his hardware.

P.O.V.: Farewell to all this

In his last article as a member of the McGill Reporter staff, Jeff "Bad Boy" Roberts tugs at our heartstrings as he reminisces about his decade as an undergrad, law student and McGill staffer. So long Jefferson, we hardly knew ye.

David Paradelo: Upstream swimmer par excellence

Second-year chemical engineering student and top-flight water polo player David Paradelo instructs young players on the intricacies of eggbeaters, hole sets and greenies.

Coming to the aid of Centraide

Generous McGillians exceed expectations by donating more than $280,000 to Centraide. Along the way, Law Dean Kasirer gets in a nice shot at his fellow Deans.

Entre Nous with Barry Levy, Dean of the Faculty of Religious Studies
With his nine-year stint at the helm of the Faculty of Religious Studies coming to an end, Barry Levy looks at the impact of 9/11 and the future of the faculty at McGill.

Sonenberg, welcome to the Academy

What do former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Chief Justice John Glover Roberts, Jr., have in common? They both have the honour of being elected into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences at the same time as McGill prof Nahum Sonenberg. Has success gone to Sonenberg's head? Nope. He's still the same guy, who just likes talking about cars and curing cancer.

Feds table new budget
The new federal budget includes a one-billion dollar payout to be made to provincial and territorial governments for direct investment in post-secondary infrastructure and equipment. Plus a few breaks for students...

Resurrecting the oldest grain

OK, screw on your thinking caps, folks. What's at least 6,000 years old, can be popped like corn and is richer in protein than wheat, barley or rye? Need another hint? It was also mixed with animal blood to make religious figurines by 16th-century Latin Americans. Give up? I'm not telling.

Starting off with a bang

It's being touted as "the biggest science project in history." Not one of the biggest, THE biggest. It involves 40 million collisions per second, the world's most powerful particle accelerator and the same laboratory that invented the World Wide Web. And you thought making volcanoes out of baking soda was cool...

McGill standing strong

Six of the 12 Governor General's Medals in Architecture went to buildings that had a McGill hand in their creation.

Not rocket science

It may be one of the coolest nicknames in recent times. World-renowned religious scholar Karen "The Runaway Nun" Armstrong waxes poetic, wise and sometimes funny on all things religious during the Beatty Lecture.

A passion for Senate

In his last-ever installment as faithful Senate scribe, Roberts lets the passion flow as the all-knowing senators tackle everything from 2007 budgets to dwindling daycare spots for children of faculty and staff.

Bruce Trigger, Desmond Morton, Ann Dowsett-Johnston

Around campus
Take a respite from work by luxuriating in McLennan photo show; Debbie Travis dubbed person of the year by MCRTW; Patch Adams speaks through his rubber nose at McGill; Lois Lane actress flies in to talk of nutrition; run for fun and cancer research at the Défi Canderel; Y calls for community involvement.

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