June 1, 2006

June 1, 2006 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
June 1, 2006 - Volume 38 Number 18
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Have a great summer!

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Tessa Barrans and Vanessa Nolet symbolize the thousands of friendships that were forged within the Class of 2006. Often these bonds — based on commonalities, differences and the intellectually liberating freedom to disagree without repercussion — prove to be as enduring and enriching as the lessons gleaned in the classroom. On May 29, Barrans and Nolet received their Bachelor of Education degrees.

Hats off!

Some 6,000 new grads will take part in Convocation ceremonies this spring — begging the age-old question: is there enough terrace space to fit them all?

McGill's brain-imaging database a first

Biomedical engineering professor is tickled pink at the impending launch of the world's first online brain-imaging database. Researchers around the world will be able to access baseline pics of normal gray matter.

U.S. star named dean of medicine

McGill gets its man. In this case, Richard I. Levin, NYU vice dean for education, faculty and academic affairs is — dare we say it? — wooed to take the reins as dean of McGill's Faculty of Medicine.

McGill Headliners: Iran, sun worshippers and please don't feed the finches

This edition's roundup of McGillians in the spotlight includes babies who jump the gun, summer skin cancer alert, a poke at Iran and the fabulous world of finch beaks.

P.O.V.: From inside the Pentagon, on 9/11

Saideman offers his opinion on the increasing number of people who maintain that the events of 9/11 were just part of an intricate conspiracy perpetrated by members of the U.S. government, military and private sectors. Saideman knows too well the reality of the attacks, having been inside the Pentagon when the plane struck.

Marie-Claude Després: The circus of physiotherapy

McGill Sports Medicine Clinic physiotherapist Marie-Claude Després gives us the lowdown on what it's like to tend to the boo-boos of the high-flyers and daredevils of Cirque du Soleil.

Graduating class gives to Gorilla Composting

They first burst onto the scene in 2005, with the modest goal of collecting the Shatner Building's food waste. A mere year later, these oddly named enviro types have become McGill's champions of composting. In fact, they are so darn good at what they do, the graduating class of 2006 dropped a nifty chunk of change onto their laps as a reward for all the hard work.

Four McGillians get the nod for some prestigious awards, including Sarah Hazell, Chantelle A.M. Richmond, Karen Roberts and our very own Golden Girl, Sarah Ali-Khan.

Entre Nous with Principal Heather Munroe-Blum
With wind in its sails, McGill is on course for further excellence. In this, the semester-ending issue of the McGill Reporter, an expanded Entre Nous gives the Principal a chance to talk about the academic year that was and what to expect for the future.

Principal's Task Force making an impact

One year since the initial call for input from the McGill community, the Principal's Task Force on Student Life and Learning has sifted through some 160 submissions from students, faculty and staff. Get the scoop with the preliminary progress report.

Welcoming the globetrotting student

Some 6,500 NAFSA delegates swooped into Montreal recently. What does NAFSA stand for anyway? Because we want you to read the article, we refuse to tell.

No perdido en la traduccion

Are you sitting down? Good, because we're about to lay some shocking numbers on you. In total, Canada needs about 1,000 new translators per year — even though we only produce 300 or 400! And, with Quebec doing more and more business with Latin American countries, there is a dearth of competent Spanish translators. Ay carumba, you say? Why not check out McGill's new Spanish translation program and get a jump on your new career?

Moving Eden

So, should we split the yarrow or keep it together? Just one of the pressing questions weighing on the minds of the caretakers of the recently reopened Roslyn Robertson Herb and Scent Garden.

McGillians warm up

A McGill contingent gears up to participate in the world's first Outgames, the biggest sporting event to hit our fair city since the 1976 Olympics.

Using nature's iridescence

Everything you ever wanted to know about cellulose but were afraid to ask.

Friendlier, fresher and better than ever

Has it really been four years since we last redesigned our website? Indeed it has. And just because you, loyal reader, like to read stuff on the web, the Web Service Group thought it high time for a little sprucing up.

From shadow to light

Comparative religion prof Arvind Sharma will preside over a fall congress of some of the world's great thinkers and religious leaders. Together they will discuss a variety of issues related to and stemming from the horrors of 9/11.

Celebrate, savour this day
Photos of the big Convocation day. One thing: what's up with those funny hats?

Sporting chance

Waneek Horn-Miller, former Olympian and the coordinator of McGill's First Peoples' House, puts a group of Aboriginal teens through the paces at our first-ever High-Performance Camp. How many participants survived the grueling three-day camp?

Summer camp smorgasbord
A quick listing of some of the more popular summer camps for kids and teens that are hosted by McGill.

AIDS: "We need to do better"

McGill's Mark Wainberg starts getting set for the XVIth International Conference on AIDS in Toronto that he will be co-chairing in August. One of the world's prominent AIDS researchers, Wainberg has some interesting insights into where we stand on the whole issue.

French language prof hangs 'em up

Giuseppe Di Stefano of the French Language and Literature Department, decides to opt for the civilian life after 36 years at McGill. Along the way he won a bunch of awards and published the definitive dictionary of medieval French expressions.

McGill on the move
Janyne Hodder heads for sunny climes; Robin Eley becomes Internal Audit chief; Bruce Shore returns to the classroom; and Don McLean starts his second term conducting the Schulich School of Music.

Far and away

Internships, field studies and international exchanges are a growing incentive for students to stray off campus in order to find themselves.

Senate: A moving (and seconding) occasion

In his swan song as a staff reporter, Reynolds paints a loving, if somewhat wistful, portrait of the last Senate meeting of the academic year.

Around campus
Job interview techniques, cancer-fighting cookies, McGill's maples and other trees, Haida art and philosophy and the lowdown on sexual harassment.

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