February 21, 2002

February 21, 2002 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
February 21, 2002 - Volume 34 Number 11
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Putting on a bright face for the McGill cheerleading team tryouts, young women and men recently strutted their stuff in a bid to earn a position on the squad. The team performs at McGill football and basketball games. Coach Lesley van Zyl, a kinesiology student, says her team's members must master forming human pyramids, lifting teammates in the air and doing back handsprings - all while smiling. The team is preparing for an upcoming competition in Acapulco for the International Cup of the Americas in May.
Photo: Owen Egan

Investing in research

A new $26 million venture capital fund teaming McGill with Sherbrooke and Bishop's universities aims to turn promising lab results into money-making propositions.

Taking the pulse of health care

The McGill Institute for the Study of Canada's recent conference on health care offered a variety of prescriptions but no consensus on a diagnosis.

Student awards stir Senate debate

At their last meeting, McGill's senators contended with rising tuition fees for some international students, the prospect of naming whole faculties after donors and the University's controversial Dean's Honours List Award for graduate students.

Why the music biz is hurting

Music industry insider Howie Klein says that the big record companies are heading for disaster and it's their own dumb fault. They forgot it's all about the music.

Sex shouldn't be a pain

Between 10 and 15% of women regularly experience pain during intercourse. For some women, the pain compares to the agony experiences by cancer patients. Psychology professor Irv Binik is trying to shed some light on an area that hasn't received much attention in the past.

Fighting the green fight

Environmentalist Wangari Maathai visited McGill to deliver the University's prestigious Beatty lecture. She had some choice words for corrupt African leaders while she was here.

Dangers in DNA

Professor Eric Shoubridge has gained the support of the highly selective Howard Hughes Medical Research Institute for his research on mitochondrial diseases. Many of these illnesses are particularly dangerous or debilitating and they're difficult to diagnose.

From onstage to backstage

McGill's vibrant theatre scene offers students a wide range of opportunities for honing a variety of skills. "You're given a lump of money and told, 'go,' says one student. "A lot of excellent stuff comes out of it."

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