But will it fit in his wallet? With a swipe of his over-sized library card, Nahum Gelber officially opened the state-of-the-art library that's named after him. Dean of Law Stephen Toope and Director of Libraries Frances Groen enjoy the moment. For more details, please see story. PHOTO: CLAUDIO CALLIGARIS
Merit pay on its way

Some of the 1,300 library assistants, clerical staff and technicians represented by the union MUNACA will soon spot a welcome change in their pay cheques. These staff will have access to merit pay increases, even though McGill and MUNACA have yet to settle on the union's first contract with the University.
Universities urged to collaborate on programs

CREPUQ's Commision des universités sur les programmes has just issued two reports that cover most of the province's science programs. Noting a serious loss of faculty to retirement and job offers from outside Quebec in recent years, the reports call on universities to work together to ensure that students aren't short-changed.
On the trail of filthy lucre: Economist studies tax evaders, cheats and crooks

Economics professor Tom Naylor examines the sorts of financial transactions that aren't likely to turn up in annual reports -- drug trafficking, illegal arms trading, money laundering. When it comes to skirting the paying of taxes, Naylor says, the Mafia could learn a thing or two from Fortune 500 companies.
Money grows in trees

McGill's trees received a pounding during the ice storm. The University stands to receive over $200,000 in an insurance claim -- money that will be used to repair and replace damaged trees.
Labs get a boost

Several young McGill scientists have an extra bounce in their step -- they are among the first recipients of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, money they can use to buy the type of equipment they couldn't afford otherwise.
Sound science that tastes good

A new research facility at Macdonald Campus is cooking up some of the best-smelling studies around. Food companies, foundations, nutraceutical firms and farmer's organizations have all expressed an interest in funding research at the Mary Emily Clinical Research Unit.
Love hurts for snails

Ronald Chase thinks he's solved part of a centuries-old puzzle -- why snails' sexual practices involve activities that would give pause to the most ardent S&M enthusiasts.
Nahum Gelber Law Library

McGill's old law library was an embarrassment. The new law library is a treasure.
It's not easy being green

David Green turned a boyhood fondness for frogs into a career as a nationally respected expert on their wellbeing. Now he finds himself playing an instrumental role in determining which animals and plants in Canada are endangered.
The bliss and blues of retirement

So what's life like after McGill? Four recent retirees let us know.
Senate: Divisions on diversity
On the move
Staff changes
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News from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

Pound them, papa!

One-year-old Zacharie looks happy. And no wonder. His papa, Redman Matthieu Quiviger, is on the winning team. Mother Isabelle Girard and fellow Redmen fan Mete Erdogan, a fourth year student, look on while the McGill football team defeat the Concordia Stingers, 9-4, at the Shrine Bowl Homecoming game held last Saturday.