A tough audience: Quebec finance minister and deputy premier Bernard Landry visited McGill last week to be formally presented with Tradition and Innovation: an International University in a City of Knowledge. The document is McGill's reply to education minister François Legault who recently called on Quebec universities to outline their views on their academic priorities and on how they're funded. Sitting next to Landry during a presentation on Tradition and Innovation are human resources executive director Robert Savoie and Chancellor Richard Pound. PHOTO: OWEN EGAN
Professor Cotler goes to Ottawa

Can an idealistic human rights activist find a place for himself in the rough and tumble world of federal politics? Law professor Irwin Cotler is about to find out.
New language lab

The new multimedia language facility in the Faculty of Arts represents a major step forward in how McGill students will learn new languages.
Swimming in it: A centre for the study of a wet world

With experts in parasitology, law, chemical engineering and agricultural and biosystems engineering among its members, Chandra Madramootoo, the director of the new Brace Centre for Water Resources Management, is confident his unit will carve out an international reputation.
Confused? Abused? Call Carol

Social work professor Carol Cumming Speirs stands at the ready to help out students with a wide range of problems in her capacity as McGill ombudsperson.
And on the seventh year...

Outside academe, sabbaticals are sometimes viewed as an expensive frill. In fact, they play a vital role in recharging professors' batteries.
Teaching Supplement
At issue: Gender-specific hiring
On campus

Wearing whacks Windsor

McGill Redmen wide receiver Ben Wearing was hoisted into the air by a teammate in celebration of Wearing's terrific performance against the Windsor Lancers on Saturday. Wearing wracked up 232 all purpose yards (receiving, rushing, punt returns) against the Lancers, earning male athlete of the week honours from McGill in the process. The Redmen won the game 45 - 15 in front of an enthusiastic crowd of alumni attending Homecoming Weekend.