Dr. Robert MacKenzie believes the new federal budget will provide a better future to young researchers. He is surrounded in his lab by students (left to right) Erminia DiPietro, Karen Christensen, Hai Ping Woo and Harshila Patel. PHOTO: OWEN EGAN
"Health budget" pays dividends for all scholars

The new Canadian Institutes for Health Research are expected to revitalize the country's efforts in medical research. Scholars in the social sciences and humanities have cause to be happy about the CIHR too.
Union deal struck

MUNACA and McGill have finally reached an agreement on the union's first contract. Technicians, clerical staff, library assistants and other MUNACA members will soon see salary increases, more weight given to seniority in hiring for new jobs and an end to merit pay.
Engineers' blueprint for behaviour

A new declaration of values called The Blueprint has been developed to help guide McGill engineers in being ethical.
Saving loggerhead shrikes no flight of fancy for Bird

Loggerhead shrikes are an endangered species, unique for their feistiness and for impaling their prey on thorns. Hitchcock would have loved these birds. McGill's David Bird does -- even if they attack him once in a while.
TB or not TB? That is the question as deadly disease eludes tests

Marcel Behr recently made a disquieting discovery -- the most widely used test to determine whether someone has tuberculosis doesn't work all that well. Given that three million people die each year from the infectious illness, Behr says action must be taken to better prevent TB carriers from infecting others.
On the other side of the stethoscope

Once a doctor has been hospitalized, it changes the way he sees the health care system forever. They notice how hospital staff seem too distant and how powerful a patient's fear can be.
Opinion: The lowest of the low

McGill's professors might be underpaid, but their dilemma isn't anywhere near as bad as what the University's part-time lecturers have to contend with. One lecturer warns that if McGill doesn't take action soon, it will lose many of the best teachers in this category.
A thorn in Nike's side

Adjunct professor Steve Robbins is the researcher Nike loves to hate. The feeling is pretty much mutual.
Take note of guitarist

McGill jazz instructor Greg Clayton thinks his students are lucky they have access to a much better training than he ever did. The students think they're lucky too. After all, they have Greg Clayton as a teacher.
Help in lean times

Most McGill students don't come from Westmount. Some have just enough cash to scrape by. "When there's no money, it's hard to focus on your courses. The only thing you can think about is that there's no money."
At issue
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On campus
News from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

Staff in the next wave of McGill units moving into 680 Sherbrooke St. West are busy packing boxes even as you read this. Before you march into 550 Sherbrooke, wondering where everybody went, you might want to consult the list of units on the move below.

Department of Human Resources (February 28)
Department of Internal Audit (February 28)
Department of Pension Management (March 26)
Department of Risk Management and Insurance (February 28)
Department of Treasury (February 28)
Instructional Communications Centre (February 28)
McGill 2000+ (February 28)
Payroll Office (March 20)
Translation Office (February 28)

They will be joining the following units, which are already residing at 680.

Centre for Continuing Education
Department of German Studies
Department of Hispanic Studies
Department of Italian Languages and Literature
Department of Russian and Slavic Studies
English and French Language Centre
McGill Institute for Learning in Retirement