Quebec students and representatives of dozens of anti-poverty and community groups turned out on the streets of Montreal yesterday for a Day of Action. The protest centred on the federal government's reductions in transfer payments, resulting in cuts to education, health care and social services. PHOTO: OWEN EGAN
Alternative budget urges less conservative approach

Unhappy with the fiscal choices made by the administration, a group of faculty, staff and students have produced a document called the Alternative McGill Budget. Claiming that McGill is too careful in guarding its endowment and is "saving for a rainy day," one member of the group says, "I guess they haven't noticed. It is a rainy day."
Former principal brought change

Dr. H. Rocke Robertson guided McGill through tremendous upheaval in the 1960s. As principal, he opened up the University's decision-making process, encouraging greater participation by academics and including students and administrative staff as Senate and Board members for the first time.
Hard road ahead for Eastern Europe

History professor Philip Longworth says the troubles in the Eastern bloc are a result of events in the region over the centuries, but have been worsened by limp support from the West following the fall of communism.
Young people hampered by unemployment, political divisions

A special conference on the challenges faced by the province's youth was staged February 7-8 by the Quebec Studies program. Discussion focused on the bleak job market, cultural identity and political activism.
Prized partnership keeps on rolling

A controversial new set of national guidelines for research has been significantly amended to reflect researchers' concerns. These guidelines will establish Canada-wide procedures for reviewing the ethics of all research involving humans.
School of Environment gets go-ahead

On campus
News from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

McGill milestones

The James McGill Society celebrated an anniversary this week, reaching the milestone of its 100th meeting. On any historical occasion, of course, the man to call is Stanley Frost. Frost, as co-founder and honorary president of the society, was the evening's guest speaker and happened to have reached a milestone of his own -- his 85th birthday. Society members surprised him with a cake celebrating both occasions. Frost (centre), is shown with son David and daughter-in-law Pauline. PHOTO: OWEN EGAN