May 26, 2005

May 26, 2005 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
May 26, 2005 - Volume 37 Number 17
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Planting flowers.

Owen Egan

"Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth…" temporarily, at least. As Patrick Joncas cheers its flight in the background, this marigold enjoys a last exhilarating taste of freedom, courtesy of Eddy Morin, before settling into life in a planter near the McGill Bookstore at the hands of Norm Lefebvre. Before the Reporter goes on its annual summer hiatus, the editorial staff would like to give all of the students who are convocating this week our heartfelt congratulations, and bid you a fond farewell. For those members of the McGill community who are returning, we hope you have a delightful summer. By the time the plucky plant pictured above blooms into mature flowery splendour, the Reporter will be publishing again.

Biodiversity synthesis: International environmental report launched at McGill

The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity launched their portion of the Millennium Environmental Assessment at McGill's Faculty Club. The assessment is the culmination of years of work by hundreds of scientists worldwide.

Poultry research gets cracking

The new poultry research centre at Macdonald campus will allow researchers to investigate the mysteries of our feathered friends — we suspect fowl play.

McGill science book goes to Africa
Microbiology professor emeritus Eddie Chan sells his textbook rights for a good cause.

Meet the fantastic five

The five latest winners of the Principal's Award for Administrative and Support Staff.

Honorary doctorates, professors emeriti and teaching award winners
Ballet dancer, chemistry whiz, inventor, legal scholar — McGill honours Canada's best and brightest with degrees.

Have a COOL Convocation
Online information for convocation.

How technology makes citizens

Canada research chair Darin Barney is looking at how technology affects our notions of citizenship and politics.

Culture and media in early modern Europe

Making Publics: Media Markets and Association in Early Modern Europe 1500-1700 may sound pretty dry, but the project's goal is to provide a map that will help us understand what created modern Western society.

Flight through history: A look at the Martlet, McGill's beloved icon
McGill's Martlets have been everywhere and taken many forms through the years.

On the cellular uptake

Neurology professor Peter McPherson is so far out on the edge of proteomics research even he isn't sure what eventual effect his work will have — breakthroughs could come in regulating cholesterol in the blood, or schizophrenia... or both.

And the Grammy funding goes to...

Psychology PhD candidate has become the first researcher in Canada to receive funding from the Grammy Foundation for his work on how the human brain responds to movements of musicians in performance.

Surf's up!
Nicholas Ignatieff is the first director of the Office of Strategic University Research Funding.

Booster shot: AstraZeneca funds pain centre
New collaboration between pharmaceutical company and McGill.

Counting down to Acfas 2006
McGill will host next year's largest French-language science conference.

Is bulimia in the genes?

Psychiatry professor Howard Steiger has found that people suffering from bulimia have a higher genetic predisposition to impulsivity.

The science of sisters and smell

They say the nose knows, and scientists at the MNI are aiming to prove that with a study to see if women can recognize their sisters' body odour.

Down the drain: Dealing with Montreal's water wastage

George McCourt of the McGill School of Environment is working with the City of Montreal to better monitor — and maybe reduce — residential water wastage.


In focus

The Department of Microbiology and Immunology's administrative assistant, Joan Longo, has done everything from collecting eggs to delivering Banner seminars. Law students launch a new journal on international sustainable development law.

Entre Nous with Principal Heather Munroe-Blum

Convocation: "Each student is special."

Senate: Dollars and daycare

Last Senate meeting before September sees full agenda addressing budget, higher student enrollment and campus event protocol.

Around campus

The McCord and Redpath prepare for the summer season; McGill grad plays smooth jazz; magic set to hit the bookstore at the stroke of midnight, July 15; hitting the high balls of summer; improv of the arts, between the arts.

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