November 25, 2004

November 25, 2004 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
November 25, 2004 - Volume 37 Number 06
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Lisa Capman of the McGill Swing Kids

Owen Egan

Lisa Carman of the McGill Swing Kids jives it up in the Newman Centre during the group's weekly open practice Mondays at 5 pm. The Swing Kids are inviting all the cool cats and daddy-o's to the Shatner Ballroom on December 4, where anyone with an interest in learning the jitterbug, balboa, shag, bop, whip or push is welcome to, er, "swing" by. The Kids also "lindy bomb" the Shatner Cafeteria every Wednesday at 11:30 am. Check them out — they're the bee's knees.

Improving health care for anglos

Health Canada has given the Faculty of Arts $11.5 million to help improve health and social services for anglophone communities in Quebec's regions.

Quebec studies at McGill

McGill's busy Quebec Studies Program allows students and researchers to combine disciplines in a fertile ground for studying North America's largest French jurisdiction.

McGill mourns Phyllis Shapiro
Phyllis Shapiro, McGill education professor and wife of Principal Emeritus Bernard Shapiro, passed away November 20 after a brief battle with cancer.

Veiled meaning

Emory University professor Jeremy Gunn recently spoke at McGill about a recent ruling that upheld a Turkish ban on Islamic head scarves in public universities, a disturbing trend that violates religious expression.

Fighting to speak freely

Dr. Rajaa Khuzai sits on the Iraq Interim Governing Council. She recently spoke at McGill about the challenges and opportunities for Iraqi women in a post-Saddam Iraq, but not everyone wanted to hear her message.

McGill goes to Chicoutimi

Principal Heather Munroe-Blum and Janyne Hodder, vice-principal (inter-institutional affairs), headed a team of academics and staffers who flew to Chicoutimi to celebrate the many partnerships between McGill and Saguenay-area researchers.

Understanding space sickness

Kathleen Cullen wants to make astronauts feel better, by helping them overcome space sickness. Turns out it's all in their head.

From kidney stones to life on Mars

Hojatollah Vali's work on biomineralization — the formation of minerals from living organisms — has taken his attention from Mars to inside the human body.

Bridging Heaven and Earth

With a joint appointment between the Faculty of Religious Studies and the McGill School of Environment, Lisa Sideris tries to bridge the divide between science and religion.


In Focus

As chair of McGill's Centraide campaign, Judy Dear is putting in 12-hour days. She's also the chair of the Management Forum. Remarkably, she says she isn't stressed. They are the wounded, the disfigured and the doomed. They are the books of the library's "Degrees of Mutilation" display in the Redpath.


Arts funding and Dining at McGill Committee the subject of debate.

Around campus

The Principal hosts an open forum, Med students have their day, Players' Theatre looks at The Shape of Things and World AIDS Day marked at McGill. Plan ahead for the season of indulgence — sign up for the Staff Fitness Program now.

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