January 27, 2005

January 27, 2005 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
January 27, 2005 - Volume 37 Number 09
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Survey says...! April Rose, matriarch of The Pains on the hot seat during Family Feud Night at Thomson House. The doctoral student in Experimental Medicine is getting grilled by quizmaster Corey Yanofsky as part of the Post-Graduate Students' Society games and trivia extravaganza evenings.
Owen Egan

Black history conference

Art history and communications professor Charmaine Nelson felt that McGill should host a conference on the Black experience in Canada. The result is "Ebony Roots: Northern Soil," a conference that will bring experts on Black history, culture and race relations from all over North America to McGill.

Focus on the environment

There's a lot to consider when making a place as big and diverse as McGill more environmentally friendly -- everything from paper purchases to road salt must be considered. Kathleen Ng, McGill's environmental officer, said much has been done, but there are always ways to improve.

Now hear this: Auditory scene analysis

Psychology professor Albert Bregman is an expert on how the brain can distinguish different sounds among a cacophony.

Digging up the dirt

Natural resource sciences professor William Hendershot wants us to rethink how we clean up industrial sites contaminated with metal. Sometimes, he says, it's best to bury the problem.

No expiry on dreams

Laurie Gottlieb believes that middle age can be just the beginning. Her book "No Expiry Date: A Practical and Inspirational Way for Women to Take Charge of their Futures" features academic theory and interviews with over 100 women.

Behind the scenes at McGill's Open House

For every person greeting potential students visiting campus for McGill's Open House, there are another 20 who helped make the event happen.

Senate: Stats, funds and calendar dates

Senate discussed the calendar of dates, new funding in social sciences, and what the university really thinks of the Maclean's rankings.

In Focus

In focus: Anita Cotic: Video and the radio star - Assistant producer in IMS, Cotic films and records all kinds of events for McGill. She also has her own radio show on CKUT; Extreme makeover, Canadian style: McGill architecture students took on a cool new project in Quebec City's Ice Hotel.


McGill's top-ranked MBAs

Around campus

UN HIV/AIDS in Africa envoy Stephen Lewis speaks at Macdonald Campus, the Principal hosts another Town Hall, Kevin Dean blows a horn for tsunami relief and Rebecca Tyson discusses the mathematics of marriage.

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