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Aftermath of the ice storm

More photos from the campus in the storm and its aftermath
Blue collar heroes kept McGill going

Damage was kept to a minimum on campus, thanks to the efforts of electricians, plumbers, groundskeepers and security staff. Crews worked around the clock to clear debris, keep pipes from freezing and to direct the limited power which returned to areas of urgent need.
Catch-up days added at the end of term

McGill was forced to close for 10 days following the recent ice storm and that has meant rearranging the academic year. Happily for students, the annual February break will not be cancelled.
Students keep their spirits up, help others in need

Those students who stayed on campus through the blackout found ways to amuse themselves and be of service to others. One student effort sent a truckload of food and other supplies to devastated communities on MontrealŐs South Shore.
Dazed and confused?

Help is available to staff and students who need it to deal with the aftermath of the ice storm and power blackout. One of McGillŐs employee assistance counsellors advises managers to be patient with staff who may be physically and emotionally exhausted.
Macdonald Campus relatively unscathed

Some areas of McGill's West Island campus, such as the Morgan Arboretum, suffered extensive damage, but overall, the effects of the ice storm were not too serious. Students and staff organized a shelter for local residents and the Dean raised funds to buy generators for Quebec farmers.
Staff, students find shelter in the storm

Editor Diana Grier Ayton talked to people in the McGill community about their experiences during the blackout. One staff member dined each night with neighbours at the house of a Hydro-Québec engineer on holiday in Florida whose home was equipped with a gas stove.
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Coping with the blackout blues
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