Volume 28 Number 17 € May 23, 1996

News and features

Lifespan genes discovered
A research team led by McGill biologist Siegfried Hekimi has set the scientific world abuzz. They've discovered "clock genes" in a variety of worm and used them to extend the creature's life by as much as five times.

Report sparks Senate debate
A long-awaited report containing recommendations to shape the future of McGill is both condemned and praised.

Early results on workforce reduction plan
The University's enhanced early retirement plan held more appeal for non-academic staff than for faculty members. Forty percent of eligible administrative and support staff accept the package while only thirteen percent of academics opt to leave.

Professors elected to Royal Society
Four McGill professors were recently elected to the Royal Society of Canada.

Exploring the source of prejudice in children
Psychology professor Frances Aboud has learned that children as young as five show prejudice against people who are different from themselves. She says their negative attitudes may be part of cognitive development rather than the result of outside influences.

McGill falling behind in teaching technologies
At a day-long technology fair organized by the Faculty of Education, academics from across the campus discuss how to encourage greater use of new technologies in University classrooms.

James Bay governing scheme leaves natives uneasy
A scheme for joint management of land and resources between northern Quebec natives and the provincial has been a failure, says McGill anthropology professor Colin Scott. Too much of the decision making power remains on the government side.

Wide-ranging scholar earns prestigious Acfas prize
A colleague says the work of French language and literature professor Mark Angenot demonstrates "constant intellectual renewal." He was awarded the Prix des sciences humaines by the Association canadienne-francaise pour l'avancement des sciences last week.

Xerox makes gift to McGill
A $500,000 gift of equipment to the Pulp & Paper Centre

Downsizing not downgrading
Management professor Deborah Dougherty warns of the downside of downsizing.

A tribute to teachers
Three professors are honoured with teaching awards created by students.

Notes and announcements

Noteworthy achievements of McGill faculty, staff and students

News from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
Details of upcoming grantsmanship meetings

From the desk of the Principal
In his monthly Reporter column, Principal Shapiro defines privatization.

Campaign update
The McGill Twenty-First Century Fund reaches its ambitious $200 million goal

Senate highlights
Highlights of the May 1 meeting

Spring Convocation


Honorary Degrees

Emeritus Professors

University heads among honorees
University of Toronto president Robert Prichard and former rector of UQAM Claude Corbo, both recipients of honorary degrees from McGill, comment on the state of Canadian universities.

Reflections from the Class of '96
Eight graduating students on their university experience