Campaign Update

"We're at two hundred million and counting..."

"I am delighted to report," John Cleghorn, Chair of The McGill Twenty-First Century Fund, told a May 2 meeting of key volunteers, "that The McGill Twenty-First Century Fund has surpassed our target of $200,000,000--the most ambitious private-funding objective in Canadian university history. It's an achievement everyone in the McGill community can take great pride in--faculty, staff, students, graduates and friends around the campus and all over the world." Principal Bernard Shapiro added, "And we did it despite a difficult economic situation, an unstable political climate, plus internal changes at McGill."

At the same time, Cleghorn reminded his audience that many deserving projects remain unfunded. This of course reflects the nature of the campaign, with some projects holding greater appeal to potential donors than others. Volunteers--a small army, 1,182 strong--will be fêted at a special event at Redpath Hall on May 27, during which the final total of $200-million-plus will be unveiled.

Campaign priorities and high points

Prior to the official campaign kick-off in September 1993, six broad areas considered to be essential strategic investments were identified through an exhaustive three-year consultative planning process. Those key areas are: students, teaching and research, libraries, new construction, equipment and renewed space, and emerging priorities.

An official final report with full details on campaign achievements is being prepared for distribution in September. In the meantime, here are some selected highlights.


Teaching and research


Equipment and renewed space

New construction

Emerging priorities

Campus community: strong start, stronger finish

Faculty and staff were trailblazers for this campaign, with 66% participation launching The McGill Twenty-First Century Fund with a record $4,230,000 in gifts and pledges. In recent months, more student associations have developed thoughtful projects that have won broad student support--a total of more than $9,500,000, which ranks among the highest such student efforts in Canada.