Volume 28 Number 11 € February 22, 1996

News and features

Report examines options for McGill
Law professor and chair of the Towards a New McGill task force Rod Macdonald released the group's report this week. The task force had the mandate to significantly advance discussions on the future of McGill by evaluating "the academic and financial feasibility of a range of models" and suggesting how one or more of these models might actually come into being. [Full text of report]

TA vote results
McGill teaching assistants voted to give a strike mandate to their union, the Association of Graduate Students Employed by McGill (AGSEM). Talks between the University and AGSEM are ongoing.

PhD student's invention rockets to success
Philippe Simon developed a prototype for a device to control the flow of air into canisters designed to analyze air quality. Four of his prototypes were launched on Soyuz to be used in the Russian space station Mir.

Psychoanalyzing the presidents
Political science professor Blema Steinberg used psychoanalytic theory to understand the behaviour of political leaders. Her forthcoming book Shame and Humiliation applies her research to U.S. presidents Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixons responses to pivotal events in the Vietnam War.

Turning computers into multitasking wonders
The EARTH project brings together academics from McGill and Concordia to develop a "multithreaded" computer architecture model.

Winning word warriors
The McGill debating team of Matthew Cohen and Jamie Springer were named top team at the North American Debating Championship.

Are we losing our national sport?
With the departure of the Winnipeg Jets and the Quebec Nordiques, and with Patrick Roy in the Colorado Avalanche's nets, is hockey going to remain Canada's national sport?

In search of orchestral efficiency
Beaten down by budget cutting? Here's a lighter look at the business of bottom lines as spotted on the Internet.

Notes and announcements

McGill academic achievements recognized.

News from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
Office of Technology Transfer. Research Grants Office - Upcoming Deadlines.

Campaign update
Hydro-Québec commits further $1,000,000-plus to graduate fellowships. Student-led initiatives give campaign special spirit.