Volume 28 Number 9 € January 25, 1996

News and features

Principal addresses Arts faculty
In one of a series of meetings planned with McGill faculties, Principal Bernard Shapiro oulined for members of the Faculty of Arts his strategies for dealing with the University's financial difficulties.

Come to the Carnival
McGill's celebration of its 175th anniversary is officially underway with the launch of its first major activity, the Winter Carnival.

McGill research rated well
McGill ranks high among Canadian universities in several research areas according to the Institute for Scientific Information's influential newsletter Science Watch.

Is hospital care changing for the better?
A panel discussion on medical care and hospitals organized by the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada. Participants include Nicolas Steinmetz and Julius Grey.

New director named
Dawn Conway is appointed to the post of Director of the Office of International Research.

A little modern alchemy
McGill chemical engineering professor Jean-Luc Meunier uses plasma to create diamond films.

Order of Canada honorees
Four McGill professors were named to the Order of Canada earlier this month.

Notes and announcements

Staff Changes
Vice-Principal T.H. Chan announces recent staff changes.

McGill academic achievements recognized.

News from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
Government of Quebec collaborative programs and student exchanges to France

Campaign update
Teaching facilities complement new medical curriculum. MNI lab to provide quick, conclusive testing.

Senate highlights
Facilities Management. Software policy. Library matters. Discretionary debate. Cuts and allocations