Three singing witches: Emily de Cola, Synthia Tom and Moira Sauer, a chorus of spinners, dreams, visions and an original musical score are the stuff of this version of Macbeth, directed by W. Steven Lecky, chair of the Professional theatre Department of Dawson College and featuring the 17-member McGill Theatre Lab. Continues at Moyse Hall till this Saturday. For tickets, call 398-6070. PHOTO: OWEN EGAN
CFI grants help McGill get wired

McGill received three Canadian Foundation for Innovation grants worth a total of more than $2 million which will go towards bolstering the research infrastructure or the university and, in particular, toward completing and upgrading McGill's computer network.
McGill mooters tops

This semester, McGill law students have taken first prize in the majority of major mooting competitions. Whether the area of law concerned criminal law, the rights of society's disadvantaged or Quebec civil law, whether in French or English, McGill surpassed the competition. What is mooting? Part of training in courtroom arguing.
McGill français and Quebec society

What did the infamous McGill français movement of 30 years ago do to change McGill and Quebec? A conference on the subject heard the likes of Claude Ryan and Julius Grey speaking their views on what McGill has accomplished since the march of 10,000 mostly CEGEP students on the Roddick Gates in terms of situating itself in a rapidly changing Quebec.
New hope in neural transplants

Recent research in the Faculty of Medicine and the Montreal Neurological Institute reveals a relationship between high levels of manganese, a fuel additive, and Parkinson's disease, and finds that the transplantation of healthy nerve cells yield better results, over the long-term, than drugs on he neural disorder.
Sex, lives and commitment

McGill may offer no Sex and Relationships 101. Nevertheless, universities are frequently the place where lessons in love and commitment are learned. It seems that in this spring's crop of students, attitudes toward sex are relatively conservative and commitment may be for later. Still, says some, the academy offers "so many options."
Senate: Senate mulls over lacklustre budget

The March 31, 1999 Senate meeting was dominated by budget considerations for the University. Various members lamented that the increases do little to address the fundamental problem of inadequate baseline funding. Furthermore, student representative, Duncan Reid, outgoing president of the Students' Society, expressed dismay over the increase of $80 to registration fees.
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News from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

Heroic gold for Gold

Lying on the track is Leslie Gold, collapsed at the end of the 800-metre relay race, won last month by Gold, and, from left to right, Elaine Penny, Carly Moher and Stephanie Welsh. Earlier that day, Gold didn't complete two events, due to an asthma attack but rallied her strength to compete in the relay. This is the second year in a row that McGill has won the event at the Canadian Inter-University Athletic Union Track and Field Championships. All four women were named All Canadians by the CIAU.