Social work student Anna Kruyzynski puts more than her two cents'worth on one of the hundreds of "bricks" comprising this student "Debt Wall." From last Wednesday to Saturday, McGill students protested against tuition fees and rising debt in the "Pan-Canadian days of Action." Some 20, for instance, established their citizenship in the "Debt City, Tent City" by braving the elements and sleeping for the four-day period in tents pitched near the James Administration Building. Students also marched to the Montreal Stock Exchange and travelled to Ottawa to protest during the Progressive Conservative Party convention. PHOTO: OWEN EGAN
Budget choices loom

Principal Bernard Shapiro says that we've managed to cope with the government's funding cuts by failing to address essential items -- such as our mediocre salaries for professors, our inadequate library acquisition budget and our deteriorating physical plant. We can't get away with that strategy any more. Some tough decisions have to be made.
McGill is prominent in new NCEs

Three new Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) have been given the okay by the federal government and the University is involved in all of them. More than 33 McGill researchers stand to benefit from the $41 million the NCEs will receive.
A soybean sorcerer at work

Plant science professor Don Smith is a master of sleight-of-hand science. He convinces a certain type of bacteria that is essential for a robust soybean crop that it's in China when it's really in Canada.
Disentangling the cobwebs in medical education

The director of McGill's Centre for Medical Education, Dr. Vimla Patel tries to look inside people's heads. She wants to understand why they make the decisions that they make.
Probing a musical superpower

All musicians want to have it, but only a handful of them do. It is called perfect pitch and McGill's Robert Zatorre has uncovered part of the mystery behind it.
Oprah and the vegan

Howard Lyman made Oprah Winfrey think twice about eating hamburgers. And then they both got sued.
Living with that long-distance feeling

He found a job in Montreal. She could only get work in Toronto. It's not easy being scholars in love in a tight job market.
Senate: Equity issues revisited
At issue
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News from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

Emeritus Professors and Honorary Degree Recipients from this year's convocation


Emeritus professors Kari Polanyi-Levitt (from the Department of Economics) and Gregory Baum (from the Faculty of Religious Studies) recently shared a birthday party. To mark their 75th birthdays, Concordia University's Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy held a day long symposium in their honour. Titled "Reclaiming Democracy," the event attracted such speakers as Ursula Franklin and Mel Watkins.