The good news for students in early May is that summer is right around the corner. The bad news is that they have to endure the mental obstacle course known as exam period. These students soaked up some rays and last-minute test notes outside the Currie Gym last Friday. PHOTO: OWEN EGAN

Busy summer ahead

Does your building have a leaky roof? Help is on the way. McGill will be spending $22.5 million over the summer to make urgently needed repairs to roofs, terraces, windows, mechanical systems and classrooms. The downside to all those renovations is dust, noise and parking problems.
Fine tuning for Engineering

According to the Commission des universités sur les programmes, Quebec's engineering faculties are in good shape. Still, the CUP makes some suggestions -- tighter links between universities, a clampdown on new programs, more female students and faculty and a broader-based curriculum.
Lobby 101: How to make your case to Quebec City

Want to know how to influence the government? Don't beg for money without offering concrete solutions to your woes. Make sure you've got solid data to back up your points. Be familiar with the government's own agenda. And lobby, lobby, lobby.
Stress linked to memory loss

Psychiatry professor Sonia Lupien has uncovered evidence that stress can cause the elderly to suffer from memory impairments. While doing her research, Lupien came to another conclusion as well -- society tends to ignore the toll that depression takes on older people.
Real world research

The Quebec Public Interest Research Group has an offer it thinks students will find difficult to refuse. Instead of sweating to write term papers destined for oblivion as soon as they've been marked, why not do research for a non-profit community group instead? You can have a positive impact on people's lives and earn course credits at the same time.
Awake under the knife

There are some things you just don't want to experience -- like regaining consciousness during surgery. It happens to between 40,000 and 250,000 Americans each year. There is currently no machine that gives anesthetists a clear sense of just how unconscious a patient is. McGill anesthesia professor Gilles Plourde is trying to change that.
Reforms at gunpoint

According to these professors, the Quebec government's discussion paper on higher education, L'Université devant l'avenir, is absurd, insulting and wrong-headed. Not to mention downright dangerous to the future of universities.
In memoriam: Isabel Dobell
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