McGill sound recording students Steve Bellamy, Justin Kurtz, Gavin Whitely and Marc Stedman recently got to bend the ear of Grammy award-winning producer Steven Epstein, one of their program's high-profile adjunct professors. See story. PHOTO: OWEN EGAN

Budget to run deficit

As things currently stand, McGill will likely run an operating deficit of $5 million in 1998-99. As the University examines the likely impact of new cuts to its budget from the Quebec government, it also mulls over how it should cope with their impact.
Big changes to law program

In 1999, new law students will be faced with a very different looking curriculum. The strength of McGill's program is its ability to train students in both civil and common law. Students will soon have an opportunity to examine the two systems in a more comparative way. The changes aren't without their critics, however.
A good deal or a dangerous threat: Sparks fly at MAI debate

The controversial Multilateral Agreement on Investment was the focus for a recent debate between McGill economics professor Chris Ragan and Council of Canadians chair Maude Barlow. The MAI would benefit our economy, he said. The MAI would threaten our sovereignty, she said.
Turning four into one: Hugh Scott's challenge as director of the MUHC

The new director of the McGill University Health Centre arrives at a pivotal time. There's a lot to be done between now and 2004, the year in which the MUHC's new complex is scheduled to open. One of the first items on the agenda is to convince the MUHC's member institutions -- four proud teaching hospitals with long histories -- to begin building a common culture.
Rotblat's message

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Joseph Rotblat visited McGill recently. He talked about how he helped build the atomic bomb and about how he now hopes that all nuclear weapons will soon wind up on the scrap heap.
Security says...

It pays to be paranoid. That was the consensus at a recent panel discussion on campus security.
People to turn to

McGill's Sexual Harassment Office is aiming to be more visible and less intimidating. Expect more outreach and less strict regulations concerning how someone can lodge a complaint. One thing hasn't changed, according to the office's new pamphlet: "At McGill, sexual harassment is never acceptable."
Grammy-award winning teachers

McGill's sound recording program attracts some big names from the music industry to serve as adjunct professors. The program's chair Professor Wieslaw Woszczyk says it isn't all that hard to recruit Grammy-award winners to do some teaching. "Our graduates make a very good name for us."
Budget leads to belt-tightening

At issue
On campus
News from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

Eyoha! That's Wow! in Amharic, and it comes from a song sung by Ethiopian school girls to celebrate the return of spring. The McGill African Students' Society did just that, last week, at their fifth annual Eyoha soirée. "It was the biggest yet," says Society president Ogochukwu Okpala, a fourth year biochemistry student from Nigeria. At least 450 people came to savour the food and fashions (traditional dress), watch a Nigerian play and swing to traditional and modern dance beats. Here, science student Cecilia Kitakufe, from Nigeria, and management student Kristell Diallo, from Cameroon (by way of France), do a hip hop piece.