Simon Cloutier, Chris Prahacs, Jean-Philippe Beaulieu and Félix Camiré are part of Team Fonorola/McGill FSAE -- a group of engineering students building a Formula One-type race car. See kaleidoscope. PHOTO: OWEN EGAN
Nurses, universities angered by government plan

Quebec's ministries of Health and Education recently announced a proposal that would make a CEGEP diploma the only entry to the nursing profession. Reaction from universities with nursing programs and from directors of nursing in local hospitals was sharply critical.
SSMU's new slate

The Students' Society of McGill University has elected a new 5-member executive. This next year could bring a major shake-up in SSMU operations, with a planned review by consultants from KPMG and a decision by the University to charge for upkeep and maintenance of the Student Union Building.
Intellectuals confront nationalism
Able assistant for academics

Professor Nicholas de Takacsy will step into the newly revived post of associate vice-principal (academic), effective June 1, 1998. A member of the physics department, de Takacsy is a 30-year veteran of McGill who says careful consultation is the secret to getting things done.
Our own worst enemy

Acadia president and former McGill professor Kelvin Ogilvie says universities shouldn't be so concerned with "pure" research. He suggests that governments fund research based on a project's merits, whether it comes from industry or an academic institution.
A model worth copying?

Chemistry professor Robert Marchessault came to McGill 10 years ago after working as manager of a research centre for Xerox. He says that the high quality of research done in companies can have important benefits for universities, and for society.
Deliberate deception: Magician targets psychic frauds

Canadian magician James "the Amazing" Randi has spent years debunking claims by faith healers, spiritualists and ESP proponents in a number of books and in his performances. He has even offered a million dollars to anyone who can prove a psychic gift
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