Volume 29 - Number 10 - Thursday, February 13, 1997


Funding formula to change

Concordia story "misleading"

No job for mealy-mouths

Downsizing, death and sabbaticals:
Coping with the loss of supervisors

Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples:
Will study bring sweeping change or prove costly exercise in futility

Simulator builds better air traffic controllers

Senate highlights
List of recommendations

Copyright deal should have payoffs for professors


News from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research



Capped with snow

James McGill kept his head up despite a heavy load following last week's blast of winter weather. The founder may be fortunate to be anchored on the grounds of lower campus. Icy sidewalks sent so many pedestrians to local emergency rooms that the Jewish General Hospital was reported to have run out of plaster to make casts.


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