September 12, 1996

Welcome to McGill

Photos by Owen Egan

The Reporter chatted with some incoming students who were participating in orientation activities to find out why they chose to come to McGill. In our unscientific poll, the University's reputation topped the list. Its downtown Montreal location was also a strong drawing card. And for many of our interviewees, the price was right.

Craig Peskin, Arts
"Montreal is such a cool city, and McGill has a great reputation around the world. I visited in mid-April. And it just felt right."

Daniel Hertzman, Science
"I chose McGill because it's in town and I heard good things about it. I looked at other schools but they were too expensive. McGill's a good school. Why move?"
Matt Mailloux, Science
New Bedford, Mass.
"My parents are originally from Montreal. I love it here. It's awesome. It's so much better than the States."

Nicol Drayton, MBA
"This is the first time I've been in Montreal. I got here on Saturday. I came because McGill is one of the best schools in the world. And I want to improve my French. In international business it's helpful to have a second language. But I'm scared of winter. I've heard about temperatures of minus 30. That is unbelievable!"

Mandy Schaffer, Science
"I've always wanted to go to McGill. I was always going to go to either McGill or University of Toronto but I wanted to go away."
Michel Pharand, Arts
"I'm from Toronto but I'm French-Canadian and I have family who live here. I wanted to be in a big city but I wanted to get away from home. My parents love saying they have a son who goes to McGill."

Jay Poulton, Education
"McGill has a good education program. I like the campus. And Ontario universities are too expensive."

Tone Bogen, Arts
Kristiansand, Norway
"I visited Montreal last December and I fell in love with the city. I wanted to go to an English university to study psychology. In Norway I would have to do only psychology courses. Here I can get a wider perspective."

Irving Alvarado, Science
"I came to Montreal from Panama seven years ago. Since I came here it has been my dream to come to the best university in Canada. I'm really proud and my parents are too. I'm going into computer science. I plan to be a programmer."