Important Changes in Fee Payment Procedures

from the Student accounts office of the McGill acounting department

Changes are being made in fee payment procedures which we sincerely hope will result in better service to McGill students by reducing the wait in line-ups, for example, and ultimately helping us to meet budget reductions. We will now have more time to serve you and to assist you by answering all of your questions regarding your fee account, whether by phone, e-mail, or in person.

The Student Accounts Office will no longer be accepting fee payments as of June 1, 1996.

How will you pay your fees? You simply go to any chartered bank and make your payment by using the remittance slip attached to your fee statement. This can be done either in person, or through automated banking machines. All cheque payments may be mailed to the address indicated on the return envelope included in our statement mailings, and remittance slips must be enclosed to ensure that your account is properly identified.

Again, let us state that our doors will be open to you, Room 301, James Administration Building, if you would like to discuss your fee account.

Starting June 1, 1996 the Student Accounts Office will only be sending statements four times per year.

Statements will be issued in the first week of June, October, December and February. You are responsible for verifying, either through MARS or OASIS, your current account balance and for paying any outstanding balances by the end of each month to avoid interest charges.

Balances can include things such as courses added during the add/drop period, as well as miscellaneous account charges such as graduation fees or residence long distance charges. The statements sent will each have two fee remittance slips attached. If you do not use both remittance slips, please retain the extras as you may need them for making future payments. You simply fill in the amount you are paying and remit the slip with payment either at the bank, an ABM, or through the mail.

The Fee Information Booklet will no longer be distributed to returning students.

The text of the booklet is available on InfoMcGill and crucial fee policies are stated in the calendars of the University. Please consult them for detailed information.

The Fall term payment deadline for the 1996/1997 academic year is AUGUST 19, 1996.

EVEN IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A MINIMUM PAYMENT STATEMENT (i.e., due to an incorrect mailing address on file*) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING YOUR FEES BY THE DEADLINE. A LATE PAYMENT FINE WILL BE APPLIED TO YOUR ACCOUNT IF THE DEADLINE IS NOT MET. In addition, we cannot be responsible for the postal service, therefore please mail your payments well in advance of the deadline and postdate them for no later than August 19, 1996 if necessary.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, or about your fee account, please come to see us in Room 301, James Administration Building. We would be more than happy to help. Our e-mail address is

*Please remember to update your mailing address using an OASIS terminal if you will be moving this summer as we do not forward returned mail to the home address.