News from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

New NRC/NSERC Joint Program

The Secretary of State for Science, Research and Development recently announced an agreement that will provide $25 million in research support to Canadian universities. The five-year agreement between the National Research Council (NRC) and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) will create strong three-way linkages and synergy between the NRC's institutes and researchers in universities and the private sector.

The funding mechanisms will be those already used in the NSERC Research Partnerships Program, with possible minor adaptations as required. Eligible activities will include research projects, chairs, networks, equipment or facilities, scholarships and fellowships. Researchers in a position to submit immediate proposals may do so until February 16, 1996. Awards will be announced in late March. The deadline for the first regular competition will be June 1, 1996. Complete information on eligibility and application procedures are available from the Research Grants Office (RGO) and on NSERC's web site.

NSERC's Research Partnerships Program

An announcement was sent to all researchers informing them of the regrouping of NSERC partnership activities under the new "Research Partnerships Program" (RPP). This single program is designed to accommodate proposals that span the whole range of research from the development of fundamental knowledge to highly industrially relevant research that involves one or many partners.

The objective of the Program is achieved through three types of grants: Strategic Projects, Research Networks and University-Industry Projects. In addition, the program is complemented by two independently funded tri-council programs administered by NSERC: the Networks of Centres of Excellence Program, and the Technology Partnerships Program. Please note that the deadline for receipt of applications for Strategic Projects funding is April 15, 1996. Applications and revised instructions are available in the RGO. Applications for the other type grants may be submitted at any time. Detailed descriptions of these programs are available on NSERC's web site under "Programs."

MRC Results and Applications

The results of the fall 1995 MRC Operating, Equipment, Maintenance and Clinical Trials competition are posted on MRC's web site. Individual award notices were mailed out on January 23. Applicants using electronic application forms can download them directly from MRC's web address. The forms are available in both PC and MAC versions. Please note that you must acquire the JETFORM Filler software in order to use electronic forms.

Agency Deadlines

February 9 CORPAQ (Conseil des recherches en pêche et en agroalimentaire du Québec) Proposition pour un nouveau projet/Letter of Intent
Programme de recherche de l'Entente auxiliaire Canada-Québec sur le développement agroalimentaire/Subsidiary Agreement Canada-Québec on agri-food development:
February 15 Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Canada/International - Pre-Application: Research Grants
MRC/Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International - Letter of Intent: Diabetes Research Network Program
PMRF (Physical Medicine Research Foundation) - The Woodbridge Research Grant (Musculoskeletal System Disorders)
February 16 Fonds d'aide la recherche en production porcine - Proposition de recherche (1er concours)/Letter of Intent (1st competition)
NSERC/NRC - Industry Partnership Program
March 1 Canadian Genome Analysis & Technology Program (CGAT) - Research Grants Application & Career Development Grants
Canadian Heritage - Research Grants in Ethnic Studies & Canadian Ethnic Studies Conferences
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Canada/International - Research Grants Application
MRC - Operating, Equipment, Maintenance Grants/Clinical Trials/Workshops and Symposia
NIH - Public Health Service Grants (Renewal)
March 15 Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research - Travel Grants
March 31 Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research - Seminar Grants
April 1 Canadian Genome Analysis & Technology Program (CGAT) - Research Grants (Letter of Intent) & Career Development Grants (Letter of Intent)
Health Canada - New Horizons - Partners in Aging Program
MRC Group Program (Letter of Intent)
April 15 Canadian Heritage - Canadian Studies & Special Projects Directorate - Prgm 101, 102, 103, 201
NSERC - Strategic Projects