April 17, 2003

April 17, 2003 McGill University

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McGill Reporter
April 17, 2003 - Volume 35 Number 14
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First it was backwards baseball caps. Then it was baggy clothes. Then it was low-rider jeans -- and now this! Puppy pants! Who can keep up with the fashion trends these days? Bachelor of commerce student Dave Samuel can, with a little sartorial assistance from Jazzy.
Photo: Owen Egan

Renaissance for residences

It's McGill's first five star residence: the university has finally purchased a downtown hotel that will add more than 600 much-needed residence spaces for out-of-province students.

Beyond childhood depression

Psychology professor Jon Abela studied 140 children to monitor their mental state over a period of 14 months. He says the best way to stop depression in adults is to catch the problem in children.

Rethinking campus sustainability

Amelia Clarke founded the Sierra Youth Coalition seven years ago. Since then student-led initiatives have been transforming the environmental practices at universities across the country. She's hoping to make McGill a model of sustainability.

Next in the city

The parking lot on de Maisonneuve and Jeanne Mance is going to get a makeover, courtesy of a team of U de M and McGill students. It's the first in a series of urban design projects that are a result of a new partnership agreements between Montreal and the two universities.

Research with bite

Bad news for those of you who felt you could avoid vampires by staying in bright sunlight. According to Dracula expert Elizabeth Miller, he can get a tan like anyone else. Miller shared her blood-curdling insights on the tall, pale and deadly one recently at McGill.

Congregating to talk of conflict

Seven religious leaders from different faith backgrounds discussed war and religion in Religious Studies Professor Norman Cornett's seminar class. Topics ranged from the morality of war, the meaning of jihad and the nature of the growing global community.

McGill blogs on

A blog sounds like a creature from a Harry Potter book, but it is short for web-log. Several McGill students are prolific bloggers, sharing their thoughts on politics and daily events with the world-wide-web.

Also in this issue




As deputy director of alumni affairs, Tom Thompson has had his hand in some of the biggest donations the university has seen, and with a new Capital Campaign on the horizon, will probably be involved in more. All in a day's work for a man colleagues say doesn't know the name of fear -- even after 41 years at McGill. The Students Society was honoured with a commemorative window for their gifts to the libraries over the years. Charles Scriver has established a scholarship for would-be clinician-scientists.

On campus

The Neuro at Night lecture series kicks off the spring session with talks on drugs and alcohol and what they do to your brain -- bad things, in short. Much better to do good things for your mind and body by signing up for courses at the McGill athletics centre. After getting energized from your yoga, you can hunt yourself some 450 million year old varmints near the river with the staff of the Redpath museum. Then you can feast your ears at one of the 95 upcoming recitals in the faculty of music as students complete their performance exams. For the more literary minded of you, Margaret Atwood will be honoured as person of the year by the MCTRW.
Agricultural engineering undergraduate student Valerie Petit checks out some greenery at the spring plant sale April 15, in the Macdonald Campus's Raymond Greenhouse. Pesticide-free tulips, snapdragons and parsley were among the plants for sale, all grown by Department of Plant Science students.
Photo: Owen Egan

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